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viernes, 16 de abril de 2010

The Conference Brazil Skatepark session in São José dos Campos

The Conference Brazil Skatepark session in São José dos Campos from Daniel Alex Franco on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 10th: Daniel Franco and Kalleo Hipólito agree after 4 hours of rest to have a coffee and travel toward São José dos Campos, where they meet Akira (Italian Japanese)Sidnei Brito (Brazil TheConference Crew) and the locals Caio, Lucas, Anderson, Ciro and Batata for skating on a new skatepark in São José.
We had another coffee at Renó brothers' home and headed to the skatepark.
Arriving there it was very sunny, the will of Daniel Tamanda to try his super USD classic Throne custom 6.0 beta was great.
Daniel and Kalléo approved the new runway and soon everyone was skating.
At the end of the day rollers Batata and Anderson made the duel in the skatepark, and you can watch its preview in this video.
On Sunday morning, we received a wake-up call from JP, who was speaking with Arne and Benni Harmanus, wondering if it was good time to go skating with us, I said yes and hung up. 2 hours later JP and German friends were at the gate of Renó brothers' house and We left for the Skatepark to receive friends and skate another day.
We made a few more scenes to complete the video and skated the rest of the day without worrying, because the track became shitty (enough children with bicycles disrupting the lives of the skaters).

and so ends the roll

check out the video now and hope youenjoy.even if you hate it you can comment.

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