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domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

RODAPE: Rollerblading TV show (Brazil), Episode 8

The eigth episode of the newest Brazillian Tv show, RODAPÉ, the first rollerblading dedicated TV SHOW in Brazil.

The show is put togheter by veteran rollerblader Fred Castro, with experience in the field of motion graphics and design, and more than 16 years of rollerblading.

In this eight episode you will check out the new section free form, dedicated to the rollerblading amateur video editor, Starring with video editor and skater Maikin from Nova serrana city. You will also check out one day in the life of Daciel de Jesus, a pro skater from Barueri city.

The goal of the show is to portrait all kinds of skating styles within the freestyle rolling universe, and to make rollerblading more popular around the globe.

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