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jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010

A Foreigners Guide to Argentinian Rolling - Part III Villa Maria

Well argentina was left out by this Years South American Tour boom (USD, Nihm) just Sr. Pianowski came down without any big coverage. So i thought about giving you an inside view of what the argentinan Skatescene is about.

This is Part III of the mini online series covering Villa Maria, Cordoba, where a skater owned and build Skaterpark is located. Constructor and this video featured Skater is Brian "Poroto" Eroles.
Not in this Video but a great Support of Poroto and the Argentinian Skate scene is Luciano Zurro owner of the Internet Skate Shop roller4roller.com.

The Greeting Section was filmed in Erfurt and Weimar, Germany including in order of appearence myself, Karsten Kehr, Alex Munichor.

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