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viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011

First Sunday Session at Venice Beach Skate Park (Achosen-few)

Every first Sunday of each month here in southern California we have a big session at one of the many skate park the area has to offer. It's just one day of each month where everyone in socal can come and meet up and skate together for a few hours. This month we did it at Venice Beach skate park. This skate park is notorious for being run by the "dog-towners" and if your there on the wrong day with a few friends there may be a chance you will get into a fight. As stupid as that is, it is a reality sometimes at certain skate parks. So we decided to have one huge session there so we could wax and skate everything we wanted to. Turned out pretty good.
Next session is on April 3rd the day after the Rockillers Street comp. the session will take place at a skate park called Bell Gardens starting at Noon. Come out if your in the area.
First Sunday sessions would not be possible without the help of it's organizers: John Labez, Jeremy Soderburg and Quinn Feldman.

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